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RNA Canada Member Highlights:

This form is for providing information about yourself to be featured in a short biography on our social media channels and website. We encourage submissions from all types of members: PIs, Students, Postdoctoral Fellows, Technicians, Undergrads, etc.! We aim to promote the wonderful scientists who drive RNA research in Canada. Click here to provide information.

RNA Canada Research Highlights:

This form is for providing information about your research, new papers, anything scientific you are excited about from your lab. The information will be used by our team to develop short posts to highlight and teach our community (both researchers and the public) about your newest RNA research. These are a great way to get the word out about your outstanding science! We encourage submissions from PIs, Postdoctoral Fellows, and Students.  Click here to provide information.

RNA Canada Job Postings: 

This form is for providing information about job postings. We will share these postings across our platforms to help you obtain broad visibility and recruit the best candidates. Click here to provide information.

Canadian-led RNA conferences:


The next revolution in RNA based medicine and technologies September 18-22, 2022


June 16-19, 2022 


July 27-28, 2022 (virtual) 

RNA Salons and local RNA clubs:


4:30pm second Monday of each month. Check the annual schedule

Montreal RNA Club

4pm, second Wednesday of each month 

Toronto RNA Club

4pm, second Friday of each month

ARRTI at ULethbridge

Alberta RNA Research and Training Institute