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Why is RNA Research Critical to Canada?

As shown by the mRNA vaccines for SARS-CoV2, we have entered a new era of RNA-based technologies. These transformative technologies are becoming critical to many aspects of Canadian life, including applications in medicine and agriculture. They also provide modern solutions to the major threats of the 21st century, including the next pandemic, climate change, environmental hazards, non-communicable diseases and antibiotic resistance. For example, RNA-based therapeutics are critical to treating neurodegenerative diseases, infectious diseases, and many other conditions, whereas RNA-based applications in the agricultural sector are key to food security and adaptation to climate change.

Canada needs to invest now in RNA science to become a leader in RNA innovation and to be ready to address these current and future threats to society. Canada is compelled to assess the risk of relying on other countries, to protect its national interests and to be competitive in a world economy that increasingly relies on RNA innovation.